Chelsea vs Burnley

10 minutes to the end of first half and Chelsea lead Burnley 1:0.A fine cross from Reece James on the right wing is clinically finished by Havertz.

Half time and Chelsea still lead Burnley by 1 goal to 0.

Second half coming in 15 minutes time.

Chelsea clearly the dominant side in the first half and deserve to take the lead.

Second half underway at Stamford bridge and it’s Burnley that gets it rolling.

James makes a good run passes on to Barkley who crosses the ball nicely into the box to Havertz who hits it wide.

Westwood breaks through from midfield and sets up Cornet who is ruled offside.

Ben chilwell takes a free kick near the penalty area after Cornet foul but Rudiger hits the ball wide.

West wood receives a yellow card after a tackle on Ross Barkley just near the 18 yard box of Mendy’s goal.

Hudson odoi breaks into the penalty box sets up Barkley who hits wire.

Substitution Ross Barkley makes way for loftue cheek.

Yellow cards for James and Cornet involved in scuffle.

Westwood sets a ball into the box , beautifully crossed by and tapped into the Chelsea net by the Burnley striker.Chelsea 1:1 Burnley.

Substitution Pulsic joins the fray.

Loftus cheek makes a good run into the box and sets up Pulsic who attempts to cross ball but the ball is blocked out for a corner

Final whistle at Stamford bridge and game ends Chelsea 1:1Burnley .

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