How to solve conflicts in an organization

Two workers quarreling

Conflicts between individuals and teams is part of every organization as we sometimes compete for financial resources, managers time , equipment and even people in the company.

Conflicts within an organization is not always a bad thing and constructive conflict can serve a variety of functions.

Thus, constructive conflict is to be welcomed However since destructive conflict tends to be based on personality difference or concerned with the preservation of power , you need to have a strategy.

There are several questions to consider before tackling conflicts.

  • Is it worth intervening.If the conflict is not affecting the work of those involved and looks like it may resolve itself, your intervention may make it worse.
  • Do you have the personal characteristics and communication Skills to be able to deal with the conflict in a calm ,rational and fair manner?.If you lack these skills,it’s often better to have someone else deal with the situation.
  • When is the best time to intervene? Intervention must come at a time when it can actually be of use,rather than too early too late.When intervention may escalate the conflict or inflame it.

What causes conflict in your organization?

Does your organization deal with conflicts?

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