How to troubleshoot or repair a faulty electronic

Fixing faults in the numerous gadgets that you own can some times become such a headache yet in just few steps you would have either known the faulty part in your gadget or even fixed the faulty part.For any gadget these steps will get you smiling and put back life to your handy gadget:

First things first ,the first step is to check on the external of the gadget and see if there are any breakages,cracks or any other unusual signs and don’t forget to check the external cable connection. If there are any cracks fix it.If all these are fine proceed to step 2.

Plug the power cable into the socket and switch on the gadget,try to see whether the gadget still powers on normally.If it doesn’t change the power connection ,then switch on if that fixes well and good if it doesn’t change the power supply.If all that is okay proceed to step 3.

What kind of output does the gadget produce?If it’s not producing any output,then it’s time to dismount the out put section.Usually the output section works with the input section,so it would be wise to check both sections concurrently.A wise area to begin from are the connections.if any section is faulty replace with a tested working component.

By now your gadget should be functioning well

assemble while still open and test,if it is working proceed to placing back the cover and securing with the screws.If its not working check for proper connection and proceed to testing.

And there you are ,you have your gadget right back in a good state.Happy fixing.

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