How to train a learner to start writing

A child writing

In such times when it’s a common thing to find parents world over struggling to teach their own children to write one or more different skills,I feel it’s very important to write this piece on how to train a beginning learner to start writing meaningful work.As a parent of young children I have also been involved in teaching my own children and I must say it has been an amazing experience.For some of the children,I had to start from scratch and yet today they are able to write perfectly well.Today I pick one of the cumbersome skills to grasp for a beginner.

Anybody who has either been a beginner writer or ever taught a beginner can concur with me that writing is such a demanding skill set to learn or teach.

  • It’s just natural to allow the child to go through pre-writing activities.Such activities like the funny scribbles in scribbling,the doodles in doodling,the funny pictures that they draw and any other seemingly funny symbol that they put down to paper,soil,leaves or any other material must all be encouraged and appropriate time allowed .Do not impose any rule on such activities even when you know how to write very well,for whatever is written is very sensible to them and builds a foundation for writing later.In writing eye-hand coordination is the key.The eye-hand coordination is developed in pre-writing activities.Allow pre-writing activities to go on for a sufficient time and usually allow it to run from the time the child is able to hold objects properly in the hand until the time you start teaching writing to the learner.During this time you may provide writing tools like paper, pencils and writing books.No instruction should be given to them.

In stage two you can engage the children in games, particularly the games that promote eye-hand coordination.Such games can be throwing games, Catching games, sorting activities, sending activities, Gathering activities ,do this activities and many others.This promotes the eye-hand coordination needed for writing.Do not impose strict rules otherwise you may stiffle learning.Give sufficient time for such activities regularly but with no strict programs.Even if they don’t do it sometimes it’s okay.

In phase three officially start guiding the child in writing activities.Writing activities includes writing symbol patterns, symbols or parts that can guide the learner to write letters or numbers.Repeatition is the mother of mastery.Let the child write similar patterns with repeatition.Even if it’s for days or weeks.Again avoid strict rules or threats but encourage as you give all the support.Sometimes write for the child where they have failed completely, probably they have not yet mastered.Allow writing where rubbing can be easily done by the learner in case they have made a mistake, allow them to know that they turn away from mistakes anytime to do what is right.Even when you are rich it’s okay to begin from the soil,later it’s okay to use pencils and erasers,you may only guide.For example I hold the eraser until the child calls then I move to check and erasing is done.

In phase four we are beginning to write letters,we have to write all the letters of the alphabet that you use.Again remember they are beginners allow them to learn writing one letter at a time.Repeatition is the mother of all mastery.Draw structured spaces within which learners must learn how to write.Again all the children are not the same, some are slow learner’s others are fast learners.Allow the learners to begin by tracing dots created to form letters ,I find that appropriate for slow learner’s.Proceed to copying letter by letter, this could be the beginning stage of a fast learner but slow learners can do it after tracing.For each letter give sufficient time for guided practice as you observe and give full support.When they are ready allow them to progress to the next stage.

It might look lengthy but it’s within their reach, surely all can do for they are wonderfully created.

Congratulations, we are now ready to write any word in world no matter the language..Begin with few letter words,allow them to write by copying that is the skill that is still used by any human being in writing no matter the level.Guide them to write the same word with repeatition.Introduce words with many letters later and use the same procedure.

Wow!,look how far we have come,and we are happy for all.

Congratulations,we are now ready to write our first sentence.Again begin with sentences with few words.Allow repeatition and when they are ready introduce sentences with many words.

As you go about all phases have emotional intelligence (EI), surely you understand be quick to note when the children have achieved certain stage and allow them to progress lest boredom and complacency creeps in.In a similar way note those who need extra help before they can grasp and progress later.Remember there is no general rule,a child might achieve quickly in one topic and yet achieve slowly in another topic.So ultimately nothing is predetermined however they should not worry for if they achieved one stage won’t they achieve another.

And there you are happy writing.

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