How to troubleshoot a faulty component in a gadget

Troubleshooting a faulty component

One of the critical tasks at hand is figuring out which component of a gadget is faulty.

Today we take you through a general approach of troubleshooting a faulty component in an equipment.

Test the power supply to find out whether it’s in the right working condition.

Test at the input section , check whether power flows normally through the input.Test whether signals from the input section still flows.(whatever kind of signal)

Test at the processing unit,check whether electric power flows normally.Test whether signals are being processed.

Test at the output section, check whether power still flows through the section normally.Test whether signals from the input and processing unit reach the output and is output through the output device.(any output device)

If you find any section that doesn’t function properly dismount the whole section and use two further steps to troubleshoot the faulty component.1.Use a similar working section or component,connect to the gadet and power on to see whether the gadget works properly.if it works properly then the dismounted component was faulty.If it doesn’t work then you test other units or components by changing with known working sections or components.2.You can also connect the dismounted section or component to a similar gadget in good working condition,then power on if the gadget does not function then the dismounted section or component is faulty and should be replaced.If the gadget functions properly then the dismounted unit or component works and can still be used.

So by isolating a section or component suspected to be faulty and confirming either by connecting it to a known working similar gadget or by connecting a section or gadget in a good working condition to the gadget under repair you can troubleshoot any system and replace the faulty component with a high degree of accuracy.

Enjoy troubleshooting

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