How to successfully work with workmates and supervisors that won’t let you shine at the work place.

Company workers at work

The work environment is composed of the worker to worker relationship as well as the worker to supervisor relationship.Poor work relationships largely contributes to low productivity in a work place.Research has continuously shown that companies that promote healthy worker relationships usually increase their production by a considerable figure.Today we put into perspective,one of the major causes of poor worker relationships in different companies.

Many workers as well as supervisors won’t let their fellow workers to shine in their roles at the work place.

Why such workers and supervisors won’t let other workers to shine in their role

Such workers and supervisors think that they know better than all the others and they should be stars shining all over the work place.No other person should be seen to be shining in whatever role in the company.The situation is even worsened when it’s a supervisor or boss ,such supervisors or bosses will be all over the place, whether in the cleaners place, kitchen or even in the toilet they will often be seen showing all people who work in such places how they have the best way of doing all their role.The funniest bit is they will always leave their roles by the job description unattended to.

Such workers and supervisors are jealous and envious of other workers.So they are always on a mission of tarnishing the image of other workers.

Research has shown that when workers and supervisors lack skills that other workers have they always feel inferior and always cover up by developing hatred for the skilled workers.In many instances they end up making the skilled workers to be terminated from a job or terminate the very skilled worker by themselves.

Work places that have no clear structured way of renumerating workers have also largely contributed to endless struggles among workers.In such companies the worker who gains dominance over the other workers is the one who is promoted and salaries increased.The work place becomes a real jungle and survival is indeed for the fittest.Usually the skilled workers become victims and are defeated,paid less salary,suspended or even terminated.

When you generally examine the background of such people you will come to a conclusion that they have been in the bad group way back before starting to work or even joining a particular work place.There are alot of question marks on their upbringing.One can clearly see that they are people who refused to change their crude behavior and continue to behave badly.

Effects to the skilled workers

As pointed before the skilled workers are affected in many different ways;

  • They are paid less salary
  • They can be pschologically tortured
  • They can be suspended or even terminated
  • There can be witchcraft in the company targeting the skilled workers.

What should a skilled worker do?

If you have any other work to do usually the best solution is to find another work place with a more friendly work environment.

However if you still need to work in the same work place these can be handy for your thriving in such an environment;

Allow the jealous workers and supervisor to shine even within your role but be faithful to your job roles.

When they find a challenging task which you can do, always reach out to help them.Since the positions are very demanding you will find themselves calling for your help within a short period of time.Such moments will be your moment to shine.

If there is a more friendly person in management you can always confide in such a manager when things get out of hand.

Generally such people will abandon work sooner or later and surely you will have your work.

Enjoy your work environment.

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