How to write a winning project proposal

Writing a project proposal

Take a keen phase by phase consideration of the following areas.It is important for you to make a thorough research about the project for which you are writing a proposal.Consider whether you will need funding and make sure your budget is within the funding range.Take down your points to be used for each phase of the proposal.Use a language that can be easily understood, avoid jargon.Use a language that expresses directly what the project proposal is about e.g you would say “The project will benefit all the children in my village” not “I think the project will achieve all the children in my village”.


Begin with a statement that will make the proposal purposeful and as useful as possible.

  • Write the background information then state the purpose of the proposal.
  • State why the issues need to be addressed and addressed immediately.

State the problem

  • What is the problem?
  • What is causing the problem?
  • What effects does the problem have?
  • Emphasize why the problem needs to be solved now.
  • How will the problem affect the audience if not solved?

Propose the solutions (this is the most important part of the proposal offer your best and be as convincing as possible)

  • How will you address the problem?
  • Why will you address the problem this way?
  • What will the outcomes be?
  • Discuss the larger impact of your ideas.Make comparisons between the solution you are proposing and another viable solution/option that you would rather not the costs and use all the pros and cons and address them in comparison to others.Rely more on examples as well as hard research by others and avoid your own opinion.Pretest the results of your solution and revise your solution if necessary.
  • Schedule and budget
  • When do you envision the project starting?
  • At what pace will it progress,how does each step build on the other?,can certain things be done simultaneously?
  • Budget (Immediately after the budget convince the funders why the proposal is worth their time and money)
  • Project departments and personnel.(Include specific details of departments & personnel and specific responsibilities & time commitments of departments as well as personnel)


Reflect your introductory statements and conclude with a general message to your audience

  • State the consequences of your project not being undertaken if any.
  • Summarise the benefits of your proposal & drive home that the benefits outweigh the costs.
  • Thank the audience for their consideration and time.

Extra content (If the paper is not bulky,you can attach any relevant extra content).Extra content can be data sheet,reprints of articles or letters of endorsement.

  • Appendix A(attach)
  • Appendix B(attach)

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