What are the benefits of sports?

A participant lifting a weight

Improving health and well-being– Sports can make people healthy by:

  • Keeping children and young people healthy.
  • Using sports to reduce youth health risk behavior.
  • Enhancing mental health.
  • Promoting healthy aging

Putting children and young people on a positive life course-The positive social developmental aspects of sports include the following:

  • Helping children learn and develop through play.
  • Building physical capacity and motor skills.
  • The particular benefits of sports for girls;is a potential protective effects against osteoporosis, anxiety, depression,, suicide and adolescent pregnancy.
  • Fostering a positive youth development
  • Enhancing academic achievement
  • Teaches positive values and skills
  • Prevents youth crime and gang involvement

Building stronger and more inclusive communities-Sport can also help to strengthen communites by building by building social capital and fostering greater inclusion of marginalised or excluded groups..The following are the ways sport builds stronger and more inclusive communities-Many believe that sports is a key contributor to quality of life communites.

  • Building social capital
  • Helping newcomers to integrate more into society.
  • Forstering greater inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Strengthening cultural pride and identity
  • Promoting environmental sustainability
  • Forstering environmental awareness and stewardship.
  • Providing a platform for social mobilization.
  • Making sport facilities more sustainable.

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