Why there is lack of inclusion in sports?

People with disability performing a sport

Sport is a fundamental right and all should have the opportunity to participate and to do so under conditions that treat them fairly.

Lack of inclusion and equity occur because;

  • Favouritism and coach preference.
  • Cliques among the players themselves.
  • Denial of barriers such as poverty, racism gender inequality.
  • Lack of recognition of diversity.(e.g gender, economics).
  • Inappropriate allocation of resources,inadequate resources.
  • A lack of promotion of sports in general.
  • Lack of awareness of opportunities for sport.
  • Lack of appropriate representatives to lead participants.
  • The complacency of some parents and the high cost of sport .
  • How sports can help to Forster a more inclusive society
  • The inclusion refugees can help to break down barriers between newcomers and local Host population.
  • Sports help people with disabilities to improve their health and and mobility by making them stronger, More flexible and more coordinated.

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