How to write an organization constitution

Drafting an organization constitution


The name of an organization as it shall be called.


State the objectives clearly and they must be SMART.check out for meaning of SMART from our previous posts here.


Members shall include all those accepted at the general meeting of the organization and members who also have paid for membership of the organization.


Talk about the sources of finances and when such finances are expected.

State the starting time as well as the ending of financial year.

The officers

An executive Board of an organization shall be elected .The officers of the organization shall be:

  • The president/chairperson
  • Vice president
  • The secretary
  • The treasurer
  • Othe elected officers
  • The officers may be ex- officio members of all committees with voting powers.They shall be elected by the membership at the AGM and shall be eligible for re-election.

The annual general meeting

Must be held each calendar and shall at least:

  • Receive the balance sheet and accounts of the previous year.
  • Receive and adopt the annual report.
  • Appoint such sub-commitees as it sees it, from time to time.
  • Elect the officers and
  • Appoint the auditors

Executive Board

The executive board shall consist of the officers (with voting powers)and special representatives.


Committees shall be established by the executive board when needed.

Conduct of meetings

  • The place and date of the next meeting.
  • The quorum for each meeting.
  • Items for the agenda must be received by the secretary weeks before the meeting.
  • The agenda for the meeting shall be circulated at least weeks before the meeting..

Alteration of the constitution

Changes to any section of the constitution shall only occur when clear days notice is given to the delegates and by two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote changes are effected.

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