The day of the girl child

A girl

I have taken a long time without putting pen to paper but the immense joy as well as importance of this day made me to send this note to you.

Dear daughters, sisters, mothers aunties and great women of the world I totally understand what you go through in life struggles and can firmly assert that I am your best ally on matters of gender equality or inequality.Before you take your eye off the next phrase, permit me to take you through a brief journey of life that puts the boy child on the same pulse rate as our girl child.Whereas my case is not any better, allow me to briefly narrate to you the story of Micheal.

Whereas Micheal is not a girl nevertheless as a child he was abandoned,while in abandonment he was mistreated,all situations which he endured.His studies was consequately affected even when he was undoubtedly among the academically gifted children of his time.Even with all these,God paved his way out.At a tender age he faced sexual violence from a girl or woman who wanted to take advantage of him.As a young man he was ditched by girl friends or wives just for doing right,all these he overcame.As a professional he was fired because he could not submit to people who wanted to take advantage of him,God paved his way with another job.In some jobs he worked but was not paid a situation that many girls and women face.As a young man in his own ancestral home,he was denied his own inheritance in whatever form from his own parents but God paved his way with other gifts of life.

This is just but a drop of life lived in a clearly unequal world.As I conclude on equality dear boy child and girl child never give up but most importantly assume your position and take on your roles in society and with God by your side you can achieve gender equality.

One thing to remember though Micheal is a boy who is also a victim ,the girl child or woman does not have to step on him to achieve equality and the things life has to offer.Micheal is a partner of a girl child in the struggle.Together the girl child and the boy child can achieve gender equality.

A girl and a boy

Happy day of the girl child

Are parents encouraging both the girl child and boy child to take on roles in society?

Watchout for our articles on successful parenting and gender equality.

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