How to create effective organization partnerships

A good company environment

Much of the work that you and your organization do will require you to work in partnerships with other organizations.Partnersips will allow you to offer services that you may not have the capacity to provide on your own.For example by working in partnership with a university, you may be able to offer sports science support to your athletes that would not be possible from your own resources.The concept of synergy is important here regardless of the organization that you are in.This is the idea that,by working in partnership,two organizations can deliver more than they could on their own.

Partnerships can help with:

  • The staging of an organization event.
  • The provision of expertise and expert services.
  • Delivery of government objectives for sport, health and education.
  • Increasing access to funds and other resources.
  • Preparation of teams for major events and
  • Training of organization staff and volunteers.

Establishing and maintaining partnerships is hard work.It requires you to identify a willing partner and then for both of you to commit to the partnership fully.Partnerships will work effectively if there are:

  • Clear objectives for the partnership.Without these,it may not be clear why the partnership is necessary, indeed if you cannot set clear objectives,you should question the rationale to the partnership.
  • Clearly allocated work roles.These will set out what has to be achieved and who is responsible for what.
  • Agreed performance indicators and tarets.These will allow progress and performance to be monitored and will show whether the partnership is working effectively or not.
  • Agreed resources.The resources required to meet the partnership’s objectives do not have to be shared equally,but they must be agreed.Whatever is agreed must be made available.
  • Strong interpersonal relationships based on trust and honesty. These are often more important than the points above us, without them,the partnership will not work and
  • A method of dealing with dusputes . Inevitably,there will be disagreement about the way the partnership operates,what it is to achieve and how it should be resourced.You need to anticipate this and have a mechanism of dealing with it.

When creating a partnership you should consider the following:

  • Aims and objectives.
  • Strategy and activities
  • Membership
  • Management of the partnership
  • Resources.

Are there areas for creating potential partnerships in the work that your organization does?

What do you need to do to create these partnerships?

How effective are your existing partnerships?

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