How to solve a problem

Two people solving problems

There are six basic steps in problem solving:

  • Recognising and defining the problem.This is not always as easy as it sounds.People always hide the fact that they are struggling with their work.
  • Analysing and clarifying the problem.Once you are aware of the problem ,the problem can be clarified.
  • Reviewing alternative solutions.Once you know what the problem is and have an idea of why it has arisen.You need to identify various ways to solve the problem.
  • Choosing a solution :The next step is often the hardest ,you have to make a decision and then communicate to all of those affected.
  • Implementing the solution:Where some problems are concerned, this may require the assistance of others or even a strategy to ensure that your decision is implemented.
  • Evaluating the decision:You should check to see that the problem has been solved.

This is clearly a lengthy process and is not appropriate for solving all problems.However it provides a structured approach of solving any problem.

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