How to develop organization strategic plan

Members of the organization planning

The purpose of planning should be led by you,in consultation with your board and other stakeholders such as funding sources, the government and sponsors.You will be responsible for drafting plans that enable the expectations and desires of your stakeholders to be met.The following process may help:

  • Set timelines for completion of the plan.
  • Consult stakeholders about what they think the organization should do and what they want from it.
  • Draft the vision, values and mission statement in light of this information.
  • Carry out environment audits.
  • Draft organization profile, identifying strategic issues and questions related to:
    • Who we are
    • Where we are now
    • What we are currently doing
    • Why we are doing it
    • Where we want to be
    • Why we want to be there
    • How we get there and when
    • What we change and who does it
    • What it will take ,next steps
  • Establish strategic objectives
  • Establish a draft initial strategic plan (vision, values,mission, objectives) and proposed priorities for future action.
  • Undertake a second round of consultation with stakeholders and determine their input on priorities, resource allocation and criteria for evaluation.
  • Develop a final strategic plan.
  • Develop a 1-2 year operational plan that allows the strategic plan to be delivered.
  • Submit strategic and operational plans to the board for approval.

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