How to assess staff and volunteer training needs.

Training needs must be assessed in order to ensure that you are helping staff and volunteers to do their jobs well.You should do this when people first start work or volunteer for your organization, when their job or technology changes or when there is a change in priorities in your organization.

Problems that arise in the organization may be the result of skill shortages.For example, your team may fail to qualify for the finals of the competition because the head coach has not prepared it properly.Therefore when trying solve performance problems, you should ask your self the following questions:

  • Has a shortage of skills contributed to this problem?
  • What are the reasons for the skills shortage?
  • Can the shortage be addressed with training?
Company staff and volunteers sharing

Training needs analysis-Training needs analysis entails the following steps:

  • Break up the activities as part of the job into a series of tasks.
  • Describe the knowledge and skills required to perform each task.
  • Assess the person against the knowledge and skills.
  • Discuss with the job holder their perceived requirements.
  • Consider personal development needs.

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