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How to develop high quality athletes.

A group of athletes running a race

The essential requirements for developing high quality athletes include:

  • Coaching- without question, the quality of coaching and the athlete -coach relationship are the essential features of athlete development.No other single factor is as important.
  • Athletes – having special talent,strong motivation and a willingness to work extremely hard are all characteristics of a successful l athlete.
  • Facilities and equipment-A lack of access to appropriate facilities and equipment may be a limiting factor to sport development.
  • Athlete support- If an athlete wishes to achieve reasonably high goals,an adequate support system must be created to provide that opportunity.
  • Financial support-Raising money for training and competition purposes is an ongoing task.Governments usually have to provide the bulk of finances required by athletes.
  • Administrative support-In order to develop a well organised training and competition programme,good planning and a fair degree of administrative support are required.
  • Competition-Competition at the right level and frequency is essential for the development of athletes.Competition provides a focal point for training goals and an important motivation for daily training.

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