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How to evaluate new projects

Workers working on a project

The following are the criteria by which new projects,programmes and activities can be evaluated in order to assess their relative merit and if applicable to assist with the allocation of limited resources.

  • Is it consistent with the mission,goals and objectives of the organization?
  • Is it consistent with the organization’s by-laws and constitution?
  • Is it consistent with the policy statement?
  • Are sufficient human and material resources currently, likely to be or potentially available?
  • Is any other organization addressing or carrying out(or likely to address) the same activity or project?
  • Does it require the involvement or support of outside agencies (i.e fosters partnerships/collaboration)?
  • Is it oriented to national or regional interests?
  • Does it contribute to the organization’s needs?(future funding, current programmes, opportunities)
  • Does fall within the scope of an existing activity?
  • Does research or previous evaluation show this project/activity to have potential for significant impact?
  • Will the activity or project results be measurable?
  • What,if any are the consequences (positive/negative) of carrying out the project or activity?
  • What cost-effectiveness rating is likely to be achieveable?

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How to manage a project

A team reporting their project findings

The management of a project involves the following elements;

Planning and scope definition

No matter how small the project, time must be spent on clear definition of the areas of the project.The scope includes

  • Outcomes
  • Stakeholders
  • The work required and
  • Resources


Governance of the project is the management structure of a project.The structure identifies the specific players,their roles and responsibilities and the way in which they interact.

Stakeholder management

Stakeholders are the people or organizations who have an interest in the project process, outputs or outcomes and will be involved in ensuring the projects success.

Risk management

Risk management involves identifying , analysing and planning a response to potential threats to the project. You need to know

What risks could occur

The likelyhood of this happening.

what can be done to prevent it from happening.

what could be done to recover if risks did materialise.

Isssues management

Issues and concerns will arise throughout the life of a project,such as difficulties in raising funds.Approach to dealing with the issue needs to be established considering;

  • The size of the issue
  • The importance of the issue and
  • Who raised the issue

Resource managementit involves;

  • Managing what people need to do.
  • How and when they do their task through scheduling.
  • Managing information between stakeholders.
  • Working to an agreed budget and
  • Meeting deadlines

Quality management-Quality can be managed by;

  • Engaging staff and volunteers with appropriate skills.
  • Sticking to the project brief.
  • Resolving issues as fast as possible and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.
  • Monitoring progress against an agreed schedule.
  • Delivering a project that meets requirements and
  • Completing the project within budget and on time.
  • Status reporting
  • Status reports should be given on a regular basis and include details about;
  • Milestones
  • Budget
  • Issues
  • Risks
  • Evaluation
  • Is the measurement against well defined criteria.Evaluation of a project demonstrates how successful you have been.Evaluation determines;
  • Whether the project is on time,track and within budget.
  • The level of adherence to the documented plan and standards.
  • The level of achievement of outcomes.
  • Closure
  • The formality of the project closure will be determined by the project itself.It may involve;
  • A review of the project outputs and outcomes against the plan.
  • Completion or reassignment of outstanding tasks.
  • Finalising records and documentation
  • Deciding what to do with the staff and volunteers who have worked on the project and
  • Loose ends (anything else that may be left to do.

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