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How to develop high quality athletes.

A group of athletes running a race

The essential requirements for developing high quality athletes include:

  • Coaching- without question, the quality of coaching and the athlete -coach relationship are the essential features of athlete development.No other single factor is as important.
  • Athletes – having special talent,strong motivation and a willingness to work extremely hard are all characteristics of a successful l athlete.
  • Facilities and equipment-A lack of access to appropriate facilities and equipment may be a limiting factor to sport development.
  • Athlete support- If an athlete wishes to achieve reasonably high goals,an adequate support system must be created to provide that opportunity.
  • Financial support-Raising money for training and competition purposes is an ongoing task.Governments usually have to provide the bulk of finances required by athletes.
  • Administrative support-In order to develop a well organised training and competition programme,good planning and a fair degree of administrative support are required.
  • Competition-Competition at the right level and frequency is essential for the development of athletes.Competition provides a focal point for training goals and an important motivation for daily training.

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Manchester city Vs Wolverhampton

42 minutes into the game and it is still Manchester city 0 Wolverhampton 0.

Raul is red carded after a second yellow card and Wolverhampton are down to 10 men.

It is half time at Etihad Manchester city 0 Wolverhampton 0.

Game ends Manchester city 1 Wolverhampton 0 ,a penalty taken by Sterling after a Montinho hand ball.

Westham United vs Chelsea

First half underway,13 minutes gone and it is still 0-0.

Chelsea corner cleared,Jorginho yellow carded after a challenge.

chelsea corner taken out for corner again.

Chelsea scores a header from this go Silva,it’s westham United 0 Chelsea 1.

Ziyech takes another corner,it’s cleared by the westham defence.

Chelsea currently leading in ball possession 74% to 24%.

Penalty to westham after a Mendy challenge.

Goal to westham by Lanzini it’s westham 1 Chelsea 1.

A fine cross from ziyech picks mount who fires into the net.Its westham 1 Chelsea 2 at Upton park.

Substitution Antonio comes on for westham United.

Havertz sustains an injury off a knock with the westham keeper.

Its half time and it’s westham 1 Chelsea 2.

Second half underway it’s westham 2 Chelsea 2.

mason mount cross cleared for Chelsea corner.

Foul by Antonio ,free kick Chelsea.

Subsitute ziyech out odoi in.

Odoi sets mount whose goes straight to the goal keeper.

Free kick Chelsea after foul on odoi it’s quickly cleared by westham.

Substitute Pulsic comes on for Marcos Alonso.

Antonio cross is tapped off target.

Odoi for Jorginho but is cleared out for a corner kick.

77 minutes gone it’s still westham 2 Chelsea 2.

Its ended westham United 3 Chelsea 2 .

Chelsea Vs Manchester United

6 minutes into the game and it is still 0-0.

12 minutes gone and Chelsea is clearly pressing Manchester United

Alonso to odoi who sets up ziyech only to shoot wide.

odoi sets Werner who heads wide.

Foul by James,free kick Manchester United.

Foul by matic on Rudiger free kick Chelsea.

Shot from Rudiger after being set by odoi only to hit the goal post.

Odoi puts a deadly cross but it’s cleared out for corner kick.

odoi intercepts a pass attempts to shoot but it was too easy for the Manchester United goal keeper.

Fred sets up Fernandez but Mendy was at standby to pick the ball.

Free kick for Chelsea saved by De Gea.

Half time still Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0.

second half underway at Stamford bridge.

yellow card rashford.

Sancho picks a loose ball from centre half afyer a mistake by the Chelsea defender and puts it into the back of the net it is Chelsea 0 Manchester United 1.

Yellow card James.

manchester pushing Chelsea as the second half gets underway.

corner kick Chelsea but it is cleared by Manchester United.

Another Chelsea corner,werner’s effort goes wide.

James’cross cleared out for another corner.

James crosses again taken out for a corner.

Substitute Cristiano joins the fray.

Foul on Rudiger, free kick Chelsea.

Foul on Silva in the Manchester United box referee awards penalty.Jorginho scores the equiliser it’s 1-1.

chelsea clearly pressing Manchester United in all fronts.

manchester United win first corner of the game. ,ball is cleared.

Fernandez receives a yellow for a tackle on Silva.

Substitutes Pulsic and mount join the game.

ziyech shot saved by De Gea.

Substitute lukaku joins the fray.

14th corner kick for Chelsea is taken wide.

A cross from James goes begging.

15th corner kick for Chelsea is cleared.

5 minutes added time.

Ball cleared from Ronald for corner.

Final whistle it has ended Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1.

Why there is lack of inclusion in sports?

People with disability performing a sport

Sport is a fundamental right and all should have the opportunity to participate and to do so under conditions that treat them fairly.

Lack of inclusion and equity occur because;

  • Favouritism and coach preference.
  • Cliques among the players themselves.
  • Denial of barriers such as poverty, racism gender inequality.
  • Lack of recognition of diversity.(e.g gender, economics).
  • Inappropriate allocation of resources,inadequate resources.
  • A lack of promotion of sports in general.
  • Lack of awareness of opportunities for sport.
  • Lack of appropriate representatives to lead participants.
  • The complacency of some parents and the high cost of sport .
  • How sports can help to Forster a more inclusive society
  • The inclusion refugees can help to break down barriers between newcomers and local Host population.
  • Sports help people with disabilities to improve their health and and mobility by making them stronger, More flexible and more coordinated.

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What are the benefits of sports?

A participant lifting a weight

Improving health and well-being– Sports can make people healthy by:

  • Keeping children and young people healthy.
  • Using sports to reduce youth health risk behavior.
  • Enhancing mental health.
  • Promoting healthy aging

Putting children and young people on a positive life course-The positive social developmental aspects of sports include the following:

  • Helping children learn and develop through play.
  • Building physical capacity and motor skills.
  • The particular benefits of sports for girls;is a potential protective effects against osteoporosis, anxiety, depression,, suicide and adolescent pregnancy.
  • Fostering a positive youth development
  • Enhancing academic achievement
  • Teaches positive values and skills
  • Prevents youth crime and gang involvement

Building stronger and more inclusive communities-Sport can also help to strengthen communites by building by building social capital and fostering greater inclusion of marginalised or excluded groups..The following are the ways sport builds stronger and more inclusive communities-Many believe that sports is a key contributor to quality of life communites.

  • Building social capital
  • Helping newcomers to integrate more into society.
  • Forstering greater inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Strengthening cultural pride and identity
  • Promoting environmental sustainability
  • Forstering environmental awareness and stewardship.
  • Providing a platform for social mobilization.
  • Making sport facilities more sustainable.

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